Avoice Announces the Passing of Former Representative William H Gray III (PA)

Former Representative William H Gray III (PA)

With a sad heart, Avoice announces the passing of former Representative William H Gray (PA). Rep. Gray was a power house in the community. Throughout his tenure he gave a voice his constituents and constantly pushed issues of civil and human rights to the forefront. He has left a legacy of service to the people of the United States and the black global community.

Rep. Gray was elected to Congress in 1978 and was the first African American to chair the House Budget Committee and was also the first African American to serve as House Majority Whip. Most noted for his efforts in the anti-apartheid movement in 1985, he introduced a bill to prohibit loans and new investments in South Africa. This bill also enforced sanctions on imports and exports in the nation. This legislation was later known as the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act of 1989.

His leadership roles also included serving as a pastor to Bright Hope Baptist Church for over 30 years. He also served as president/chief executive officer for the United Negro College Fund from 1991-2004. Rep. Gray stay committed to progress even after he left Congress. Dedicated to his community Rep. Gray continued to be active and worked to strengthen the middle class and underserved-Americans.

Rep. Gray’s contribution and dedication to his people and country will always be remembered. Avoice celebrates his life, his legacy and we recognize the great impact his service has left in the world and our hearts.

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