African American Voices in Congress

About the Project

The Avoice Web site is designed to capture and preserve the rich history of political and legislative contributions of blacks for future generations. This virtual online library is a central source of information about historical and contemporary African American policy issues important to researchers, academics, educators and students.

This project was developed by the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Inc. Capturing the history of the participation and contribution of African Americans in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate is central to the policy development and educational mission of the CBCF. The devastation that accompanied Hurricane Katrina in 2005 brought to light the fragility of historical artifacts. For this reason, the CBC has taken the initiative to collect, store, and disseminate this particular history by using technology to preserve it against all known odds.

Avoice Exhibits

Fair Housing

Learn about the leadership of African-American legislators in the struggle to pass the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and the continuing effort to eradicate discriminatory housing policies and practices.

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Origins of the Congressional Black Caucus

Take an in-depth look at how, when and why the CBC was established.

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Criminal Justice

Discover the history of CBC activism on criminal justice issues including police brutality, drug trafficking, sentencing and prison reform.

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Voting Rights Act

Learn how the CBC has spent years fighting tirelessly to protect the voting rights of underrepresented people.

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Education Policy

Learn about African-American involvement in U.S. education policy and trace the important milestones in the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965.

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Bill

Look back at how the CBC led the charge for creating a federal holiday honoring the civil rights hero.

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Environmental Justice

Learn how members of the CBC have been at the forefront of the Environmental Justice Movement.

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Anti-Apartheid Movement

Read about the important role of CBC members in dismantling the apartheid system of South Africa.

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Women of the CBC

Discover the ways in which women of the CBC have shaped United States history.

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Thank you for visiting the Avoice online project. This website is being continuously updated with new exhibits, multimedia, and much more.