African American Service on Congressional Education Committees

  Term on Committee Congress
Education Committee (Active 1883-1947)    
Henry P. Cheatham 1889-1893 51st-52nd Congresses
John M. Langston 1890-1891 51st Congress
George W. Murray 1893-1897 53rd-54th Congresses
Education and the Workforce Committee
(Active 1997-2007)
William L. Clay, Sr. 1997-2001 105th-106th  (Ranking Minority Member )
Chaka Fattah 1997-2001 105th-106th Congresses
Harold E. Ford, Jr. 1997-2003 105th-107th Congresses
Major R. Owens 1997-2007 105th-109th Congresses
Donald M. Payne 1997-2007 105th-109th Congresses
Robert C. “Bobby” Scott 1997-2003
105th-107th Congresses
109th Congress
Danny K. Davis 2003-2007 108th-109th Congresses
Denise L. Majette 2003-2005 108th Congress
Education and Education Opportunities Committee
(Active 1995-1997)
William L. Clay, Sr. 1995-1997 104th Congress (Ranking Minority Member)
Chaka Fattah 1995-1997 104th Congress
Harold E. Ford, Jr. 1995-1997 104th Congress
Major R. Owens 1995-1997 104th Congress
Donald M. Payne 1995-1997 104th Congress
Robert C. “Bobby” Scott 1995-1997 104th Congress
Education and Labor Committee
(Active 1867-1883; 1947-1995; 2007-Present)
Robert B. Elliot 1871-1875 42nd-43rd Congresses
James T. Rapier 1873-1875 43rd Congress
Charles E. Nash 1875-1877 44th Congress
John R. Lynch 1882-1883 47th Congress
Adam Clayton Powell 1947-1967 and 1969-1971 80th-89th Congresses (Committee Chair, 87th-89th Congress 1961-1966) and 91st Congress
Augustus F. Hawkins 1963-1991 88th-101st (Committee Chair, 98th-101st Congresses, 1984-1991)
William L. Clay, Sr. 1969-1995 91st-103rd Congresses
George W. Collins 1969-1971 91st Congress
Louis Stokes 1969-1971 91st Congress
Shirley A. Chisholm 1971-1977 92nd-94th Congresses
Harold E. Washington, Sr. 1981-1985 97th-98th Congresses
Charles A. Hayes 1983-1993 98th-102nd Congresses
Major R. Owens 1983-1995 98th-103rd Congresses
Mervyn M. Dymally 1985-1987 99th Congress
Alton R. Waldon 1985-1987 99th Congress
Craig A. Washington 1990-1993 101st-102nd Congresses
Kweisi Mfume 1989-1991 101st Congress
Donald M. Payne 1989-1995
101st-103rd Congresses
110th-112th Congresses
William J. Jefferson 1991-1993 103rd Congress
Robert C. “Bobby” Scott 1993-1995
103rd Congress
110th-Present Congresses
Yvette D. Clarke 2007-Present 110th-Present Congresses
Danny K. Davis 2007-2009 110th Congress
Marcia L. Fudge 2009-Present 111th-Present Congresses

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