Women of the CBC

Discover the ways in which women of the CBC have shaped United States history.

African-American Congresswomen have played a major role on a broad range of domestic and international issues including Civil Rights, Voting Rights, Education, Healthcare, Homeland Security and the current engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan. In commemoration of Women’s History Month for 2007, the Congressional Black Caucus’ Virtual Library Project celebrated the contributions of African American women to Congress. This exhibit highlights the important role African American women have played in the advancement of healthcare.

On this Web site, you will learn more about the role of women in the Congressional Black Caucus’ ongoing efforts to advance the level and awareness of healthcare for all Americans. You will discover the important legislation that women of the CBC have sponsored or supported. This site highlights the important link between community advocacy and legislation. Tracing the involvement of African-American women in healthcare related issues, this exhibit will demonstrate the integral role that African-American women have played in Congress.



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