Congressional Black Caucus Members Participate in Floor Debate Over Fair Housing Amendments Act (H.R.5200) – Congressional Record 1980

Congressional Black Caucus Members Del. Walter Fauntroy (DC), and Reps. John Conyers (MI), Shirley Chisholm (NY), Mickey Leland (TX), Parren Mitchell (MD), Julian Dixon (CA), Louis Stokes (OH), Rep. Charles Rangel (NY) and Del. Melvyn Evans (VI) participate with other members of Congress in debate over amending the Fair Housing Act. June 11, 1980

Date: 6/11/1980

Creator: Charles Rangel,John Conyers,Julian Dixon,Louis Stokes,Melvyn Evans,Mickey Leland,Parren Mitchell,Shirley Chisholm,Walter Fauntroy

Location: 126 Congressional Record (1980) p. 13960-13989, Library of Congress

Access Conditions: Public Domain

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