Introduction of H.R. 11882 – Congressional Record (1971)

H.R. 11882, a bill to establish minimum prisoner treatment standards for prisons in the United States, and to create an agency to hear complaints arising from alleged infractions of such standards to the Committee on the Judiciary. Reps. Rangel, Chisholm, Clay, Conyers, Diggs, Fauntroy, Hawkins, Metcalfe, Mitchell, Stokes and Dellums among the sponsors. November 18, 1971

Date: 11/18/1971

Creator: Rangel, Chisholm. Clay, Conyers, Diggs, Fauntroy, Gude, Halpern, Harrington, Hathaway, Hawkins, Helstoski, Hicks, Leggett, Metcalfe, Mikva, Mitchell, Morse, Rosenthal, Stokes, Dellums

Location: Congressional Record, Library of Congress

Access Conditions: Public Domain

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